About Us

The Law Offices of Campos & Associates provide high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything to meet your legal expectations. If you need a lawyer in the state of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC we can provide great quality work and achieve your goals.

We provide immigration services at the national level because these areas of law are governed by federal law. When it comes to DUI/DWI, traffic, and criminal matters, we concentrate in the state of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

We have a client-centered approach that makes us focus on each person in a holistic way. When we take a client, the client’s problems become ours and we work all the way to solve the case.

Mission Statement

We fight for our clients and we are honest in everything that we do. We have attention to details and keep our client’s matters confidential. We are a firm our clients can trust and we are known for the good work we provide to our clients. Our lawyers are known for knowing the law and for representing our clients before the courts. We are known for being knowledgeable with current issues, current legislation, and we are known for winning cases. Our successful law firm has the resources to help our clients.

We provide great research skills and think about creative arguments to win cases. Our employees have the greatest customer skills and provide great customer service. Our good attorney-client relationship defines us. We are efficient, effective, and we solve our client’s problems in a timely manner. We are professionally bilingual in English and Spanish and are friendly to our clients.

We keep a clean environment and professional looking office. Our equipment and tools are always working to serve our team and community.

We treat all our employees fairly, with respect, and our employees support and help each other. Our employees have patience to one another and we encourage each other to be the best we can be.

Do You Need Inmmediate Help?

Call us whenever you need help with a current situation. We are here to help you.