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Domestic relations is a very technical area that requires special training and expertise in understanding (MD) Maryland divorce law. No one looks forward to separation and divorce. It is especially difficult when there are children involved. Our staff understands these emotional times and works closely with you to see that you get the best settlement or trial representation. We can assist in (MD) Maryland divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation.

A complete understanding of pensions, financial assets and the expenses of the parties is an important component of any domestic settlement. You need an experienced (MD) Maryland divorce lawyer who understands the Maryland divorce laws.

A Maryland divorce law firm with experienced Maryland divorce lawyers who understand Maryland (MD) divorce law, also serving the District of Columbia and the Nations. We work with lawyers around the country to provide the very best representation.

If you’re facing a divorce, you’ll have to face reality: Alimony payments—also known in some states as “spousal support” or “maintenance”.

Child Custody USA is about which of the parents makes important decisions about the life of the children and about who will take care of them. 

Child support is the financial support paid by parents to support a child or children of whom they do not have full custody.

If you and your spouse can’t agree on how to distribute property during your divorce, the courts will divide.

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