Lost Wages

If you’ve been in a car accident where somebody else was at fault, and you’ve had to miss work as a result — or you’ve missed out on other income opportunities because of your car accident injuries and resulting limitations — you might be wondering if (and how) you can recover for these kinds of losses.

When you decide to file a car accident lawsuit against the person responsible for the crash (the “defendant”), you (the “plaintiff”) are allowed to recover any lost wages that resulted from the accident.

The most obvious example is when a physical injury, like a broken leg, prevents you from doing your job. In that case, you are entitled to recover the wages you would have received had your leg not been broken and had you still been able to work. If you couldn’t work for two months, then you are entitled to recover the amount you would have normally been paid during those two months. Other debilitating and disabling car accident injuries — including psychological injuries caused by the accident, like PTSD — are also grounds for recovering lost wages if they are severe enough.

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